The First Lifestyle Focused Crypto E-commerce Site by WOMEN is now Live!

Use PEACEANDLOVE30 for 30% off PW necklaces and bracelets!

We can’t believe it ourselves, but it’s happening! This Monday 25th of March, we launched our crypto-friendly e-commerce platform.

Why shop with us? We have gathered the most exclusive and beautiful products for you to enjoy.

We’re talking:

  • Vegan hair care products – exclusively sold to PW, born in Sydney.
  • Beautiful art – celebrating women from all shapes and sizes and some crypto exclusives too.
  • Coconut products straight from the Mekong Delta.
  • Handmade jewelry–coming soon.
  • Peaceful Warrior pendant necklaces and bracelets.

Beautiful and easy to use

We wanted something beautiful and easy to use and for you to enjoy a seamless shopping experience with Coinbase Commerce. As such, you will be able to shop with your favorite crypto, as we accept Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin (BTC) DASH or Ethereum (ETH). Not sure if you are ready to spend your crypto? No worries as you will also be able to use Paypal at the checkout.

So Grateful

This launch is a milestone for us and the rest of the cryptocurrency community that has been dedicated to empowering the world with peer-to-peer electronic cash. We keep the torch alive, pursuing a 10-year-old vision to educate and empower all about the use of cryptocurrencies as a mean of exchange and it starts with a wonderful shopping experience!

Pull out your Ledger

Don’t spend your crypto too wisely and shop these exclusive and beautiful products by starting with some Bitcoin jewelry, carefully selected by female founders of Peaceful Warrior who care about the free economy, beauty and balance in life. To celebrate the launch, we have a special coupon for you to enjoy a 30% discount on a Peaceful Warrior brand necklace or bracelet ( or both!) Use PEACEANDLOVE30 at the checkout.

Who are Peaceful Warrior?

Peaceful Warrior (PW) was founded by three passionate women who care about free economy, crypto and living beautiful and balanced lifestyles. PW is a cryptocurrency-friendly e-commerce hosting platform, providing a place for merchants to sell their products for cryptocurrency, globally. A place for people to enjoy shopping consciously made, unique products.

Their subsidiary ‘PW’ offer Marketing Consulting and Business Development for the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries, and/or those looking to use cryptocurrency in their businesses. 

Want to join the Peaceful Warrior e-commerce platform? Get in touch!

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