Our Team

Emily Rose Dallara
Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

Em, originally from the UK heads up the marketing and business development (Vietnam) at Peaceful Warrior. She works to market our services, products and brand. Anti-authoritarian and mild libertarian, she believes that cryptocurrencies should be used as cash and is dedicated to achieve their global adoption.

Based in Saigon, Vietnam, her activities go beyond crypto as the advising Marketing Director at District 2 Studio-, helping  out at Jiva Yoga Studio and running her own collaborative copywriting business. 

When she’s not taking up too much of the desk at coworking spaces, she enjoys lazy days in the sun, practising her headstands and talking coffee.


Tammy Joo
Co-founder & Chief Sales Officer

Tammy manages the global sales, business development ( Philippines) and operational strategies at Peaceful Warrior. Growing up in different countries, she brings an international background and an open mindset to the company. Recently, she managed the sponsorship of the “De La Salle University Araneta” basketball team.

Currently living  in Manila, Philippines, she believes in publicizing and increasing the usage of Bitcoin Cash all around the world by working and helping out small communities in developing countries through the promotion of Bitcoin Cash.

Akane Yokoo
Co-Founder & Advisor

Akane is a well known community leader in the Bitcoin Cash world. 

As co-organizer of the BCH meetup in Tokyo, she is forever meeting new people, coming up with fun and creative ideas for events and negotiating merchant adoption at various restaurants, bars, and establishments around Tokyo. 

She always knows how to make every day a fun one and brings creativity and new ideas to the team on a daily basis- whilst keeping them grounded.

Mateu Perpinya
Head of Film Production & Design

Mateu Perpinya is our Award Winning Film Director and Editor.

He helps us work on large scale productions like The Satoshi Awards as well as cool videos for our own campaigns & our clients’.

Mateu and his team also provide offline editing of any directed project as well as post-production. 

He especially loves all things tech, crypto, Sci-Fi and Japanese commercials. He has a full portfolio of a wide range of Commercials, viral clips, as well as many music videos and documentaries. He has a ton of experience with After Effects, Motion Graphics, VFX and all aspects of editing.

He is very comfortable working with other directors, to double the depth of the creation.