EDM DJ’s Etnica Take Crypto Mainstream

EDM group Etnica just launched their new track ‘Crypto’ — finally pushing crypto out into the mainstream music industry.

Electronic dance group, Etnica who have become famous in Ibiza and Japan for their heavy techo beats , have just dropped their brand new track–inspired by Bitcoin.

‘Crypto’ is accessible via web-only. The duo collaborated with our very own Coinspice to release the track into the crypto community.

But why EDM and Crypto?

Etnica, an Italian DJ duo met close friend Juro (co-organizer of Tokyo BCH meetup) with PW co-founder Akane–last summer in Ibiza. During top secret meetings ( imagining underground club with Bitcoin ATM’s)  they discussed how to integrate the theme of crypto into their future mixes.

C.Edward Kelso, Editor in Chief at Coinspice explains simply how EDM ties into the crypto world, “EDM repurposes technology to make a familiar form [of music] new, all over again. A transformation crypto enthusiasts can relate to.

‘Crypto’ is a dense mix of sound, and to get all the subtleties and nuance requires a fidelity and respect to how it should be consumed as ear candy. Among the many Easter Eggs within the song, Crypto also contains a guest voice-over from noted ecosystem philosopher Rick Falkvinge.”

Very cool.

Etnica are setting a standard–let’s hope the rest of the music industry follows.

Love it? Send them a tip ( addresses below ) and keep your ears pricked for more of their crypto tracks–hidden away in their EDM DJ box.

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